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Work Etiquette for Introverts at the Holiday Party!

The Holiday parties are happening this week if they haven't happened already! Here are some tips on how to navigate them!

1. Do not get drunk - this is still a work function, have some couth lol

2. Dance, but if you can't don't be afraid of a two step- this is a work event and there probably isn't too much dancing, but don't be afraid to do a little two step

3. Don't offer rides - everyone should have their own ride, especially if the work party is after hours. This way you can leave when you want and come when you want.

4. Be the 2nd / 3rd to leave - Being the first person to leave is always noticed, if you're socially awkward, but have that one work friend, plan to leave when they leave. Even if they leave first, it looks like you're leaving as a group

4. If it gets rowdy distance yourself immediately - There are some holiday parties where people have... a lot of fun. If you hit a point where you don't want to be there, leave, you're not obligated to stay where you're uncomfortable.

5. Have an excuse ready to go - If you're anti-social/ have a touch of social anxiety like me, have an excuse ready to go if your anxiety starts to act up. Hopefully it won't, but just in case, this helps get rid of the stress of trying to explain your absence on the spot.

6. Engage in a few games - cornhole is a fan favorite, as well as rock climbing and volleyball and a couple of other things. If there's no games, there always tends to be food! If you're a foodie like myself that's always a plus!

7. Attempt to have a good time - Whether we believe it or not, these work functions are meant to be a lot of fun, and a good time for everyone, try to mingle with some coworkers and see what you have in common ( or don't ), eat some good food, and say your see you laters!

Let us know what you thought of this advice in the comments!

Thank you for the continued support everyone!


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