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Scholarship Winner!!!

Enlighten a Nation is proud to present our first scholarship ever! We are awarding this scholarship to Jennifer Brown, she is studying to be an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse at MCC and below is a little information about her! Congratulations Jennifer!!

I am a mother of two great children, a motivated, mastered prepared professional registered nurse seeking to increase my knowledge and ability to improve a patient's quality of life by diagnosing, treating, and managing a patient's acute and chronic illness. I started my journey into nursing as a young adolescent assisting with applying band aides to currently assisting the underserved and uninsured residents of Rochester. My journey in nursing has brought me from an array of areas, acute care, long –term care, primary care and currently case/care management.

My decision and goal to pursue a graduate degree have been influenced by my work colleagues and work-related experiences, specifically in relation to the social determinants of health and the pandemic. As a black woman, I have seen all too clearly the effects of the social determinants of health on vulnerable populations’ overall health care. I have a strong desire to become a health care provider—an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN)—whom patients can trust and, most importantly, who can make a difference in individual lives. The Enlighten a Nation Foundation Scholarship will assist me financially to complete my goal of becoming an APRN.

Congratulations Jennifer on being the winner of the Spring 2022 scholarship!


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