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Image by Guilherme Stecanella


How it All Started

As a working, single mother in college, there was very limited help I received trying to raise my daughter. My mother told me about the Nurse Family Partnership when I was 5 months pregnant and that's when I met Nurse Julie.

Julie came over once a week while I was pregnant and once a week after I had my beautiful daughter, Nala. I looked forward to our appointments and she assisted me in raising my bundle of joy. Julie also pointed me in the direction of a scholarship that helped single mothers in college and that scholarship helped me tremendously. I was able to use this money to help me with various endeavors, from helping to pay bills, to buying a computer, to helping pay college loans. 

Being the beneficiary of these scholarships pushed me to create a scholarship of my own for single mothers of color in college. I hope this scholarship and these resources can help you as much as they've helped me. 

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